Next Generation Interfaces

Next Generation Interfaces -- Advanced Visualization and Human Centric Controls Based Upon Foundational Darwinian Cognitive and Sensory Natural Selection Biases -- Intelligently and Dynamically Adaptive to each Clients' Preferences. Our innovations include entirely new evolutions of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) termed Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) with Temporal Controls; Semi-Transparent, and Superimposed Visualizations as well as automated 3D body tracking with feature identification, affective sensing and wireless physiological and brain computer interfaces for military, medical, and civilian applications.

  • Affective Sensing Modules for R&D automated real-time objective measures during development optimization of Natural User Interfaces (NUIs). Currently system additions include affective sensing monitoring of military simulation users, medical users, and commercial customers.
  • Universal Battle Layer (UBL), Semi-Transparent, Superimposed, Multi-Modal Controls Design and Implementations which enable innovative integrations of disparate operational software systems. For example, UBL enables you to plan your battle in Google Earth, superimpose the weather projections visually and then transfer the entire battle plan with weather and lighting conditions to FalconView and other operational software.
  • Advanced Visualization with Temporal innovations and intelligent bookmarking.
  • Natural User Interfaces (NUIs), Includes “Touch&Speak” Innovations for military, medical and commercial applications (info available upon request).
  • Our next generation interface services include our dedication and commitment of personal excellence includes providing timely and intelligent interfaces and solutions.