A women owned small business dedicated to providing ProActive Protective Science. A2-T2 was originally founded to rapidly research, innovate, prototype, field-test, and reliably deliver advanced anti-terror technology solutions affordably. Further we have evolved and extended our expertise in sensors, simulations and next generation interfaces into innovative medical applications.

Our experienced team consists of world class scientists and engineers with a wide range of technical skills in military, medical, and commercial systems.

Advanced Anti-Terror Technologies, Inc. (A2-T2) - "To provide proactive protective sciences and technologies to our warfighters, veterans, and citizens, as advanced add-on modular solutions enhancing existing and emerging systems.”

Key World-Wide Markets:

  • Military & Security Operations;
  • Medical TeleMed, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, & Serious Games (Assessments & Rehabilitation);
  • Advanced TelePresence/TeleOperation & Next Generation Interfaces (Military & Medical);
  • Contributions:

  • Military - Advanced Long Range -- PreShot Sniper Detection; Biometrics, Facial & Eye Detection;
  • Medical TeleMed and TelePresence with real-time affective sensing; emotive avatars; & advanced VR/AR environments for TBI, PTSD, Poly-trauma.Medical TeleMed, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, & Serious Games (Assessments & Rehabilitation);
  • Distinction:
    We modularly enhance technologies providing intuitive ‘clean’ interfaces via agile development, with our customers directly within our integrated multidisciplinary teams. We’re focused on listening and achieving customer oriented solutions.

    Research and Development is our core mission, via ProActive, inclusive, and imaginative team building culture within A2-T2, with our team partners, and with our customers. World-class experts dedicated to developing practical, reliable near-term solutions to threats and challenges. Innovative creative synergistic "Best Practices" processes across multiple modalities, and multiple disciplines towards customer-centric solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Threat Detection, Identification, Recognition, and Automated Alert Actions at Long Range to Preempt Terrorist and Enemy Actions.
  • Advanced Intuitive Next Generation Interfaces to revolutionize Human Computer Interactions End-To-End Seamlessly from foundational Training, and Mission Rehearsal Systems progressing through Operational C4ISR, Network-Centric Systems.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Advances for Internet based Medical Therapies and Solutions for our Recovering Warfighters and injured civilian patients.
  • Science and Technology Consulting Services
  • Contracted Research and Development with specialization in rapid Just-In-Time (JIT) Innovative Technological Solutions.

  • Proven successful Integrated Product Team (IPT) "Best Practices" that enable innovation, creativity, and imagination towards customer focused solutions.
  • Preferences for modular add-on solutions that enhance, extend, and evolve existing products and systems.  A2-T2's Motto:
    "We don't compete; we ‘complete’ by enabling synergistic enhancements, extensions, and evolutions."
  • Preferences for win/win/win long-term relationships with customers, team partners, and our personnel.