Military Products

Advanced Multi-Modal Sensor Integrations for Automated Long Range Biometric Recognition of uncooperative individuals with Facial and Eyes Detection; Enemy Sniper Detection with integrated Optics, IR, Facial, and Eyes Detection (Passive, Active, and Hybrid modes including cost effective combinations of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) cameras, IR, Lasers, etc., all modularly developed for inclusion with existing systems, or complete turnkey systems in conjunction with our team partners.


Photonic Automatic Linking System Long-Range Facial Recognition of Uncooperative Targets in Urban and Natural Terrain. PALS-Sniper Detection Add-On Module for detecting enemy optics and eyes "before they shoot!"

Patent Pending. NDA Required

PALS-SD Interface

End-to-End Systems Engineering including automation, visualization, simulation, and training support to insure quality of performance standards and requirements are met or exceeded.

Our Military services include developing custom modular solutions for our warfighters and support personnel providing timely and intelligent and reliable integrated systems.