As a women owned small business dedicated to providing ProActive Protective Science in the areas of Counter Terrorism, Medical and Commercial, Next Generation Interfaces

We are dedicated towards:

  • Direct aggressive support for our customers with near-term solutions on their scheduled priorities.
  • Rapidly developing effective customer focused solutions in cooperative integrated product teams inclusive of customer organizations, and our team of computer scientists, physicists, engineers, cognitive psychologists, human factors, usability experts.
  • Supporting the growth, security, and health of our customers, staff, communities and the environment.
  • Our experienced team consists of world class scientists and engineers with a wide range of technical skills in military, medical, and commercial systems.

    We provide:


  • Strategic innovations and solutions in advance of the evolving and future terrorism threats.
  • Tactical innovations and solutions to rapidly counter new terror devices and tactics.
  • Anticipating terrorist concepts before they strike and implementing our technology to eliminate terrorist's effectiveness.
  • Practical add-on modular solutions that enhance mitigation or elimination of long-standing current terror threats and tactics.

  • Medical and Commercial

  • Internet, Virtual and Augmented Reality Advanced Medical Therapies and Solutions for our Recovering Warfighters and Civilians Patients. End to end support from hospital PCs and networks to telemed apps, to home uses on Smart Phones and Game Consoles.
  • Advanced automated assessments and rehabilitation innovations.

  • Next Generation Interfaces

  • A2-T2 evolved our innovative natural user interface (NIUs) solutions to support military and civilian customers within their desired applications.
  • Our Next Generation Interfaces have revolutionized Human Computer Interactions with easy-to-understand, easy-to-use multi-modal GUIs and intuitive processes. Seamlessly Solution support from foundational Learning, Sustainment/Refresher Training, Mission Rehearsal progressing through Military Operational, Civilian Applications, and Medical Systems.
  • A2-T2 was originally founded to rapidly research, innovate, prototype, field-test, and reliably deliver advanced anti-terror technology solutions affordably. Further we have evolved and extended our expertise in sensors, simulations and next generation interfaces into innovative medical applications.

    Our experienced team consists of world class scientists and engineers with a wide range of technical skills in military, medical & commercial systems, next generation interfaces.